About bone conduction headphones:

Can others hear my music when I have them on?

No. It is crazy how great this works. The sound is clear, yet you can still hear things around you. Your ears are’t plugged, or get itchy from ear pods.

How to use this bone conduction headphones ?
These headphones are so easy to use. link your Bluetooth to your device, the headphone curve sets right on top of your ears and the speakers end up being right in front of your ear. Nothing goes inside your ear.

Do they work well with glasses?
Yes, I wear glasses when I run and the bone conduction headset haven’t fallen or even shifted.

How do these work. if they are not in my ear don't you hear the outside noise??

The bone earphones works deliver the sounds via the jawbone. Yes,you hear the outside noise. You adjust the volume of the headphone to be however loud you need it to be in comparison to the ambient noise. In noisy environments, you’ll probably want to use the included foam earplugs if you want to hear the headphones well. If you don’t, you’ll have to turn it up so loud other people can hear it. It is very nice for safety reasons. Great for running, biking, hiking, etc were hearing things around you is important. 

Can these be wire connected to non blue tooth tv?

Hello, thanks for your question. The headphones bone conduction can not wire connected to non blue tooth tv. It supports connecting devices with a Bluetooth function.

Will these connect to my Iphone??

They are supposed to be compatible with all phones has Bluetooth device.

Are they adjustable?

No these Bluetooth bone headphones are not adjustable but very flexible and I have no trouble doing HIIT training with these. The headphones fit most of people heads.You can always replace or return them, if not satisfied.

Any swimmers use these headphones? I’m looking for a set of Bluetooth headphones to use while lap swimming.

Hello, thanks for your question. This bone conduction headphone is not suitable for swimming. It can be waterproof and Sweatproof in sweaty sports like running, cycling, gym, fitness ect.

Can you answer the phone with these jawbone headphones?

Yes! It's really nice. I've heard that on the other end of the phone there is little extra noise.

What is warranty?

45 days free return and quick refund, 2 years free replacement for product quality issue. Package Included: 1*Bluetooth Headphones, 1*USB Charging Cable, 2*Sponge Earplugs, 1*Manual. In noisy places it is recommended to wear sponge earplugs.

Does the bone conduction headphones include a microphone?

These bone conduction headset allow you to answer phone calls, so it does possess a built-in microphone & it does well with noise cancelling.

About Order:

How secure is my online order?

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Are there any hidden charges to my order?

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