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Our mission is to seamlessly integrate the power of music into every environment, from underwater realms to elevated heights and unconventional spaces, empowering individuals to amplify their passions and pursuits.

We are dedicated to pioneering audio experiences that transcend boundaries for athletes and enthusiasts alike. Through relentless innovation, we strive to enrich lives, foster inspiration, and redefine the role of music, setting a new standard for its pervasive and extraordinary presence across the globe.

- Below, Above and Beyond!


Founded in 2015, SAMVEK stands at the forefront of audio innovation, pioneering the realm of bone conduction headphones. Our brand is dedicated to crafting premium quality headphones that redefine the audio experience for users worldwide.

At SAMVEK, we harness the power of bone conduction technology to deliver sound directly to the inner ear through vibrations in the skull. This cutting-edge approach bypasses the eardrum, offering a unique listening experience that prioritizes safety, comfort, and clarity. By leveraging this innovative technology, we ensure that our users can enjoy music, podcasts, and calls while remaining aware of their surroundings.


Our commitment to excellence extends to the design of our products. Each SAMVEK headphone is meticulously crafted with a blend of style and functionality in mind. Sleek, lightweight, and ergonomic, our headphones guarantee a comfortable fit for extended wear, whether you're on a morning jog or immersed in a work-from-home session. With a focus on versatility, our designs seamlessly integrate into any lifestyle, catering to the needs of modern-day audiophiles.


We exist to unleash music’s transformative power in places BEYOND the usual. Acknowledging its profound impact in sparking passion and unparalleled inspiration, we strive to enrich the world by amplifying the motivation and enjoyment that only music can offer, no matter where we may go.

We envision a world where individual soundtracks can accompany and enhance any activity in any environment, including the most demanding places underwater, above the tree lines, and beyond the usual places music can be found... where its profound influence sparks boundless passion and inspiration, enriching lives and communities, setting a new standard for its ubiquitous and extraordinary presence.

2015 - Establishment

SAMVEK was founded in 2015 by a passionate team of audio technology experts. United by a shared vision, they aimed to revolutionize the auditory experience through innovative bone conduction technology.

2016 - First Product Launch

After a year of intensive research and development, SAMVEK launched its first bone conduction headset, Samvek Super Q1, in 2016. With its excellent sound quality and comfortable wearing experience, it quickly gained market recognition and made a successful debut in the audio industry.

2019 - Technological Breakthrough

In 2019, SAMVEK achieved a significant technological breakthrough, greatly enhancing the sound quality and durability of its bone conduction headphones. This advancement solidified SAMVEK's leading position in the industry.

2020 - Global Expansion

With growing brand recognition, SAMVEK began its global expansion in 2020. The company established distribution networks in North America, Europe, and Asia, bringing high-quality bone conduction headphones to a worldwide audience.

2022 - Smart Upgrades

Keeping pace with technological trends, SAMVEK launched smart bone conduction headphones in 2022. These new models integrated features such as voice assistants and health monitoring, providing users with a more convenient and enriched experience.

2023 - Next-Generation Products

In 2023, SAMVEK released a new generation of bone conduction headphones A5S. The new product has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of sound quality, wearing comfort, battery life, etc., once again setting industry standards.

2024 - Looking Ahead

Today, SAMVEK remains committed to innovation and excellence. Looking to the future, the company will continue to introduce more advanced and high-quality bone conduction headphones, delivering exceptional auditory experiences to users worldwide.